VIDA Expansion FAQ

Where can I purchase additional smart home devices?

Go to “Smart Home “ in “Home Services” section, click on “Deals” to check out special deals.

You can purchase additional items before the one time complimentary installation and we will delivery and install the additional devices without additional visit charge.

Mitsubishi Electric Aircon Control

The smart aircon module will be connected to the aircon fan coil PCB board and the module will not  be seen from outside.

You can use both original handheld remote controller and iPlus APP to control on/off, temperature and fan speed.

Motorised Blind/Curtain Control

Can I use my own vendor for motorised blind/curtain?

Yes, you can get your own vendor. We only sell the control module. Our blind/curtain module works with 3 wires motor ( see picture).



You might want to check with our partner for motorised blind/curtain. Some of their motorised blind/curtain system are built-in with smart control which works with our smart hub.

Lighting Control

1) In-wall 2 x circuits Lighting

Installation method A:

Install the module behind the existing wall switch. Please check that there is enough space between  the wall switch and the end of the back box to house the module.

Dimensions: 47.5 x 39 x 15.6 mm

Neutral cable is needed for this lighting moduleMax load for each lighting circuit should not be more than 120W for LED and 6A for resistive.


Installation method B:
Install the smart lighting module above false ceiling. Additional live cable is required to power the module

2)In-wall 1 x circuit Dimmer module. Neutral cable not required.

Min load : 20W 230VAC
Max load : 200W 230VAC ( Dimmable LED bulbs or Incandescent lamp)
Dimensions: 47.5 x 39 x 15.6 mm

3)Smart Wall Switch.
Directly replace existing wall switch. Neutral cable not required. *Please arrange to test the lights with this switch prior to purchasing.

Color: silver grey only.
Gang: 1, 2 and 3 gang
Min load : 10W 230VAC
Max load : 600W 230VAC