Samsung Android 8

1)Go to ‘Settings’.
2)Select ‘Device maintenance’.
3)Select ‘Battery’.
4)Select ‘App power monitor’.
5)Enable ‘App power monitor’ and Disable ‘Put unused apps to sleep’.
6)Back to ‘Battery’ page, select ‘Unmonitored apps’ and ensure ‘i+Living’ is added. If not added, follow the step ( Three dot icon -> Add -> Check on i+Living -> Done).
7)Select ‘Always sleeping apps’ and ensure ‘i+Living’ is not added. If added, can follow the step ( Three dot icon -> Delete apps -> Check on i+Living -> Delete).
8)Back to ‘Settings’ page, select ‘Apps’.

9)Find out ‘i+Living’ and select it.
10) Select ‘Apps that can appear on top’ and Enable ‘Allow permission’.